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Whale sharks have thousands of tiny teeth, each less than 6mm,arranged in more than 300 rows but they feed by taking water into their mouths and straining the food through their gills. They can open their mouths to a huge width.

Our Boats

Draw Card and Draw Card II are our two main Whale Sharking vessels. Both are well equipped to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Both vessels were built in Western Australia and their hull designs are well suited to the conditions found up and down the coast. Good design and functional fit outs on both will maximise your ability to take in the breathtaking surrounds of the Ningaloo Reef when out looking for big spotty fish.

Well I’m sorry to say, “Yes, it was terrific, awesome, awe-inspiring, fabulous, and wonderful.” We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for providing a wonderful, unforgettable experience. Thank you 3 Isla...
Wright Family, AUS
Both measure in at a comfortable 55ft and have large unobstructed decks with shade over the majority of the area.

Our marlin boards are fitted with dive ladders on both sides meaning that you can easily get out of the water in all conditions. Our vessels comply with national survey standards for commercial vessels so you can rest assured that all of the necessary safety equipment is on board and functional. Combined with detailed safety briefings from your friendly crew your day on board can be enjoyed knowing that you are well taken care of.

  • All part of the magical three islands experience

  • 2015-tourism-finalistAccreditation

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